The Story

I designed these products after a decade in the dating scene.  I noticed divorced bachelors end up with the basement furniture for their new place.  Basement furniture is rarely sexy.  Bachelors that haven't been married usually decorate with oak or glass tables to complement a leather sofa and recliner.  Neither look is bad, but not great when you are trying to impress the ladies.  A few of these bachelors asked me to help decorate their pads when they found out decorating is my passion.  All we found was furniture for the New York penthouse man with a million-dollar net worth or furniture for the man cave enthusiast wanting to live in a stadium or a tread plated garage. These guys were neither.  They were normal men who wanted to live like a man.  We couldn't find anything for them.  I am good at decorating.  I knew I could help these men if I really put my mind to it.  One day at work, I was climbing up a steel platform in an oil refinery and realized structural steel shapes would make kick ass furniture for men.  I finally found the Daykore these men were searching for.  It took me two years after that moment to figure out how to weld steel, glue wood together, find manufacturers to support my designs and start a business, but I did it.  I hope you like what I’ve done.  I did it for you!